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are you healthy? how do you know?

MyBodyCount is a clinical health score, similar to a credit score, that gives you a roadmap to good health based on lifestyle choices you make every day. Gain peace of mind by proactively controlling factors that affect your quality of life as you age. Make changes today for a healthier tomorrow.

What is the MyBodyCount score?

Your MyBodyCount (MBC) health score is based on a distinct set of biomarkers called the BodyCount8TM. These are primarily affected by lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, tobacco use and medication adherence.

What can I do with the estimator?

You can use the MyBodyCount tool to estimate your score and become familiar with your BodyCount8. Regardless of your score today, you have the power to improve it in as little as three months.

What else can I do with MyBodyCount?

In the future, you will be able to receive MyBodyCount screenings through the MBC website or through Sponsors, like your employer or your health plan. You can use your score as currency for incentives from any Sponsor with an interest in your good health.

How can I get my score today?

If you are interested in your actual score today - click on the BodyCount8 tab, print the document and present it to your doctor to order the tests. When you receive the results, come back to the estimator tool and plug them in. In the future, we'll take care of that for you!

What happens if I change employers?

MyBodyCount belongs to you forever! But any Sponsor can offer free screenings and incentives through the MyBodyCount Health Score Bureau. Tell us when you use the estimator if you would like your company to use MyBodyCount in their incentive program!